On the hunt for the perfect seasoning blend for fried chicken?

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Fowl Language

Nothing says family dinner and comfort food like fried chicken. There is just something about sitting around the table with family and friends eating fried chicken, am I right?  At Fowl Language, we take the hard part of getting the seasoning right out so all you do is coat, cook and enjoy!

Our recipe has been in our family for years and we love sharing a piece of our heart and home with other families. We feel honored when people use our products to spread love in their own backyards and kitchens. If you are looking for the perfect dish to warm the bellies and hearts of your loved ones, we got you covered!

On the hunt for the perfect seasoning blend for fried chicken?

Look no further! Grandma Morgie perfected the seasoning blend to make the most delicious southern fried chicken! We make it easier than ever to bring the most delicious fried chicken and/or catfish to your table.

Why Fowl Language?

Do you have that one family recipe that you love so much and always look forward to having at Thanksgiving or Christmas time? Maybe it’s your Grandma’s secret apple pie that only she knows how to make. Or maybe it’s your Dad’s famous barbeque sauce that everyone looks forward to devouring every fourth of July. Well, that’s what Grandma Morgie’s fried chicken is to our family.

We would look forward to her fried chicken every Sunday…so much so, that we don’t want it to stop there. We started Fowl Chicken with the intention of sharing the most special thing on our kitchen table with families everywhere. We believe in the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the family” and we thrive on bringing families closer together as they sit around their kitchen tables, connecting, laughing, and enjoying a delicious southern meal.

“The chicken speaks to me”

I can still remember the amazing aroma of my Grandma Morgie’s famous fried chicken whenever I walked into her house for dinner during the summertime. She had a special way of preparing the spices for the chicken and would never measure her magical mixture of herbs and spices. Once I got older, I asked her how she knew how to make the perfect blend. She said, “the chicken speaks to me.” And that’s where the name “Fowl Language” came into play…because after all, “the chicken speaks to me.”

Become part of our ever-growing family

We feel like our customers are part of our ever-growing family. We thrive on delivering the highest quality products every time and want everyone to enjoy our family recipe as much as we do. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or a beginner in the kitchen, we make it simple for you to make the best fried chicken around. This blend will be sure to bring smiles and comfort to your table for years to come, just as it does ours.

To become part of our Fowl Language family, simply order yours today! We make it easier than ever to order our blend right to your door so you can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones on your next Sunday dinner!