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On the hunt for the perfect seasoning blend for fried chicken?

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Fowl Language

Nothing says family dinner and comfort food like fried chicken. There is just something about sitting around the table with family and friends eating fried chicken, am I right?  At Fowl Language, we take the hard part of getting the seasoning right out so all you do is coat, cook and enjoy!

Our recipe has been in our family for years and we love sharing a piece of our heart and home with other families. We feel honored when people use our products to spread love in their own backyards and kitchens. If you are looking for the perfect dish to warm the bellies and hearts of your loved ones, we got you covered!

On the hunt for the perfect seasoning blend for fried chicken?

Look no further! Grandma Morgie perfected the seasoning blend to make the most delicious southern fried chicken! We make it easier than ever to bring the most delicious fried chicken and/or catfish to your table.

Why Fowl Language?

Do you have that one family recipe that you love so much and always look forward to having at Thanksgiving or Christmas time? Maybe it’s your Grandma’s secret apple pie that only she knows how to make. Or maybe it’s your Dad’s famous barbeque sauce that everyone looks forward to devouring every fourth of July. Well, that’s what Grandma Morgie’s fried chicken is to our family.

We would look forward to her fried chicken every Sunday…so much so, that we don’t want it to stop there. We started Fowl Chicken with the intention of sharing the most special thing on our kitchen table with families everywhere. We believe in the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the family” and we thrive on bringing families closer together as they sit around their kitchen tables, connecting, laughing, and enjoying a delicious southern meal.

“The chicken speaks to me”

I can still remember the amazing aroma of my Grandma Morgie’s famous fried chicken whenever I walked into her house for dinner during the summertime. She had a special way of preparing the spices for the chicken and would never measure her magical mixture of herbs and spices. Once I got older, I asked her how she knew how to make the perfect blend. She said, “the chicken speaks to me.” And that’s where the name “Fowl Language” came into play…because after all, “the chicken speaks to me.”

Become part of our ever-growing family

We feel like our customers are part of our ever-growing family. We thrive on delivering the highest quality products every time and want everyone to enjoy our family recipe as much as we do. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or a beginner in the kitchen, we make it simple for you to make the best fried chicken around. This blend will be sure to bring smiles and comfort to your table for years to come, just as it does ours.

To become part of our Fowl Language family, simply order yours today! We make it easier than ever to order our blend right to your door so you can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones on your next Sunday dinner!


Fried Chicken Seasoning for Homemade Fried Chicken

When is National Fried Chicken Day? July 6 – Guide to Celebrating National Fried Chicken Day all Month

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To properly celebrate national Fried chicken day let’s start at the beginning. The term Fried chicken was initially recorded in the 1830’s, yes that long ago! 

Fried chicken was traced to Scottish and West African cuisine. The Scottish brought their Fried chicken traditions to the southern states along with West African spices, soon Fried chicken was seen all over American cookbooks starting in the 1860s and still popular today. Fried chicken was an expensive delicacy up until World War II, but thanks to mass production techniques, we’re now able to indulge ourselves on the cheap in almost any city in the world. 

Fried chicken is a dish consisting of floured chicken, battered and then pan-fried or deep-fried. Breading the chicken adds a crisp to the skin of the chicken. The trick to cooking the best Fried chicken may seem hard to achieve, but some of the best homemade recipes will tell you the secret comes down to your flour and spice preparation. 


Reasons why Fried chicken is so loved and popular?

It started with very humble beginnings, did you know that slaves generated independent cashflow by selling fried chicken? Chickens were the only animal slaves were allowed to own and raise. Today Fried chicken forms as a culinary staple in our homes and favorite restaurants. 

We can eat Fried chicken any way we want to, there are no rules that dictate how we eat our Fried chicken. We can eat it with utensils, on bread or simply with our hands. 

Theres so many ways to eat Fried chicken, so many varieties and so many spices. It can be as spicy or simple as you want it. Theres so many ways to fry it and to make it crispy it really is up to you. 


Activities for national Fried chicken day

Fried chicken is defined as comfort food, often the recipes are passed down by family members and cooked and shared in family gatherings. Fried chicken was always supposed to be shared, with family, friends and coworkers.Fried chicken is truly versatile,  just make sure you bring plenty of plates and napkins because everyone will want a piece. 

When you have the right spice you can easily make it yourself. Hit the kitchen and serve your results by inviting friends and family over. You can even make it a potluck, your friends can bring their own side dishes to partner with your Fried chicken. It will probably be the best potluck in history and your friends will love you for it. 

Everyone has a different recipe for Fried chicken, best way to test who has the best is with a friendly competition. Have your friends and family bring over their best chicken recipe and have a judge taste them all and decide who wins. Not only does everyone get to enjoy a fun day filled with Fried chicken but at the end when your chicken wins you will have bragging rights! 


National Fried chicken day is celebrated everywhere, check with your local newsletter and neighborhood to see what events are going on near you. Meet with other Fried chicken lovers and exchange recipes and ideas. You can gather with your neighborhood to plan fun events all summer long. National fried chicken day doesn’t have to be only one day. You can eat Fried chicken all year long, comfort food is there to make us feel better and to make us feel closer to our friends and family. 

Some of the best ways to celebrate this national day for chicken lovers is so simple you can do it all month long. Make your summer even better by adding fried chicken to your brunch, lunch or dinner recipes. It truly is a versatile dish.

Order our FOWL LANGUAGE FLOUR AND SEASONING BLEND to make the best homemade Fried chicken. Some of the best cooks will tell you the key to achieving the crispiest Fried chicken comes down to your seasoning and spice preparation. 


Heres a list of fried chicken combinations to make your day even better:

  1. Fried chicken with gravy
  2. Fried chicken sandwiches 
  3. Classic fried chicken with sides
  4. Fried chicken and biscuits 
  5. Fried chicken and waffles 

Spices, Herbs & Seasonings that are a Must for all Home Cooks

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As one of the constant battles of being a home cook, fixing delicious and pleasing meals that the whole family will enjoy is a tough one. One weapon you can weld in this war is a well-stocked spice and seasoning cabinet. Filling that cabinet with several basic but handy seasonings and spices, you will be ready when it comes to dealing with that nightly cooking challenged with ease and comfort.

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Pleasing the palates of all members of your family can be next to impossible. Try allowing family members to spice up their food to their liking with some essential and straightforward salt and paper. With these table-side spices and seasonings, a bland meal can be seasoned to any family member’s liking, no matter how different their tastes may be.

  • Cinnamon
  • Regardless of its use, whether added to cookies or even sprinkled on oatmeal, cinnamon adds a warm and homemade flavor to any dish. This spice can be used in a variety of ways and is available inexpensively, making it a staple for any busy cook or chef’s spice pantry.

  • Garlic
  • With garlic, you can do anything from whipping up a simple and filling loaf of garlic bread to seasoning your favorite Italian-style treat. Available in a variety of forms ranging from whole clovers to garlic salt, this spice is one that all cooks should keep on hand, and because it is so inexpensive, you can do so without breaking the bank.

  • Oregano
  • This is another mainstay of anyone who cooks Italian foods because it adds a lot of flavor to tomato sauces and infuses baked Italian dishes. Though available fresh, this spice is also tastily dried, making it a natural addition to the family spice cabinet. By sprinkling the green oregano leaves over the top of a completed dish, you can even add some aesthetic appeal as well.

  • Onion Powder
  • Add some flavor to your next casserole with the addition of some onion powder. If you or your family members don’t find chunks of onion to be to their liking, you can use onion powder instead without affecting the flavor. One significant advantage of onion powder is the fact you can leave onions out of a dish altogether if family members don’t like the taste and those who do like it can add the seasoning to their individual portions instead. As you become nimbler at using spices and seasonings to jazz up your meals and home-made dishes, add some other spices and seasonings to your cabinet. Eventually, you will become a master spice-user, able to season any dish to perfection with just the supplies in your seasonings and spices cabinet. Happy Cooking! Happy Seasoning!