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Our Story-Grandma ‘Morgie’  

This recipe has been a part of our family for decades.
Tony Woods’ Grandmother, Margaret “Morgie” Woods, would sit on the front porch with Tony in Swann, Texas (a little town outside of Tyler, Texas). They would be shelling purple hull peas and getting ready to prepare Sunday dinner which always included her tasty fried chicken. She taught her grandson, Tony, how to prepare the unique blend of spices and herbs for the chicken along with many other recipes. We are carrying our family traditions further and bringing our unique southern fried chicken seasoning to everyone.

Tony Woods

I was born in a little town outside of Tyler, Texas and spent most of my youthful days of summer at my Grandmother’s house. I can still recall the delicious aroma of her fried chicken as I entered the house for dinner. My Grandmother made the best fried chicken in the county. Family members would make up any excuse to visit just hoping that she would be making some of that legendary chicken on that particular day. She had a certain way she would prepare the seasonings for the chicken. At that time, she never measured her special mix of herbs and spices.

Once I got older, I asked her how she knew what amount of seasonings to add? Smiling, she said, “The chicken speaks to me.” We both laughed! I finally asked her if I could take notes, because I wanted to be able to prepare that same delicious fried chicken for my own family. That’s when I came up with name Fowl Language! It’s all because, “The chicken speaks to me.”

Fresh Spices, Great Taste, and a Recipe Longed for Generations.

At, Fowl Language, we are all about our seasoning.
We do what we do with the utmost passion, love, and gusto.
We are a family-owned and operated business. For every customer, we come across, we want them to become a part of our every growing family. Beginner cooks, home chefs, foodies, moms, granddads, and anyone who likes to cook delicious food can enjoy our Fowl Language seasoning blend. Delivering the highest quality customer service is what drives us to go further and to keep making people happy with our flour and seasoning blend!

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